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Research on gravity


Paper published in "Gravitation & Cosmology" proceedings,ICGA-5, 2001 .





[Patents Pending]

A Fundamental and Applied Research

Rakesh Goel, Managing Director, S.K. Dynamics Pvt. Ltd., India





The physical phenomenon of the Earth's Gravitational Field was scientifically discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in 1686 and he was the first scientist to formulate the conclusion as a mathematical equation which is commonly known today as Newton's Law of Gravitation:

F = GM1M2 / r2

Since then many have tried to explore the area of Gravitation. A number of experiments were conducted using many different theories and techniques to reduce gravity but so far there has been no significant development in this area. Although some researchers claimed the generation of gravitational force but none were sufficient to be applied practically in a major way for the service of mankind.

This information explains the background research work that has already been conducted at SKD and explains the origin of gravitation, origin of magnetism and the link between them. It also describes the design as well as method for generation of gravitational force.


Research by the Inventor Till Date

Rakesh Goel is carrying out this research work since past 20 years and have come up with new concepts and theories on the gravitation which describes more clearly the origin of Gravitation Force, origin of magnetism and the link between them and opens new ways to generate Gravitation Force in the laboratory using Gravity Motor. A series of prototypes have also been developed by him to prove the concept of new theory and the breakthrough was achieved in May 2000 when the weight change was first practically observed in his factory premises at Roorkee, India. The weight change was 0.05% and further modification of the prototypes are under progress to achieve much better results. The results achieved so far by different prototypes are described under "Test Results". It is targeted to achieve the weight change of 5% by the end of the year 2007 and 150% by the end of the year 2012.


The outcome of this research has some wonderful applications in the field of Aerospace:


Satellite Positioning/ Orientation


Accelerating vehicles in Space


Geo Stationary Satellites can be placed at an orbit much lower than 36,000 km. Thus the satellite signal strength will be much better.


Economical Space Transportation


Fuel saving in vertical lifting of Helicopters etc.


The invention (Theory + Design) is explained in different categories as mentioned below :



Origin of Gravitation


Theory of Gravitational Force generation


Design of Gravity Motor [Design-1] [Patent Pending]


Origin of Magnetism and Link between Major Forces


Link between Magnetism and Inretia "Stone Impact Experiment"


Test Results of Gravity motor and Laser Deflection Experiment



  Questions on Gravity

  New Theory of Gravitation

  Thoughts on Gravity Motor

  Theory of Gravity Motor

  Gravitation and Magnetism

  Design of Gravity Motor-1

 Stone Impact Experiment

  Test Results


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