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Motors and controls



Stepper and SRM

Image processing

Ethernet camera ,Scanning camera

3D Imaging system.

Embedded products:

Class-D Public address amplifier, audio visual, sinewave inverter.

Electro mechanical

Flying car/UAV/VTOL Toy, Electric bike,

Submersible pump

Vibration system

DSP based vibration controller with class D amplifier.

Research on gravity

 & magnetism

Paper published in "Gravitation & Cosmology" proceedings,ICGA-5, 2001






Complete R & D house providing technical solutions in the field of Electronics & Electro mechanical Engineering

with Multi Disciplinary approach



S K Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. (SKD) was established in 1992 with sole purpose of pursuing R&D projects in the area of Electromechanical Engineering, Digital Signal processing, Power Electronics and System engineering

Since 1995 SKD is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), India as in-house R&D unit and now approved as Commercial R&D Company


SKD was stratgic partner of Analog Devices Inc. USA in the area of Motor Control

Around 2 Million Household appliances in the USA, Japan, Europe and China are working, using our Embedded Motor Control Technology




New Products & Projects:

Super Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan / BLDC ceiling fan / PMSM ceiling fan

Energy efficient window AC based on BLDC motor and automotive grade compressor

BLDC Servo Motors

Solid state relay


Transformation of a Vehicle to Hybrid Electric

[Retrofit kit]

Critical issues / challenges in Transmission Shaft based Motor for Hybrid Vehicle

1.     Motor on transmission shaft/wheel run in wide speed range

2.     Motor on transmission shaft has critical dimensions (small width and height)

3.     Running a motor at 8000 rpm above base speed of 1500 rpm has many issues

       AC vector control with field weakening is required to run at over speed

       Running as generator is difficult at high speed

       Zero Vector Breaking technique has many risks of too much retardation which increases chances of accident

       Other techniques like tap field requires many high power relays & put the stator winding at risk of insulation failure due to high voltage

About motor design [Covered by patent application]

v      Motor contains 4 sets of stators – rotors in 2 bodies

v      Both motor bodies are mounted on common transmission shaft

v      All stators are interconnected in series in a particular sequence


Invented technique

v      One Motor Body can rotate with respect to other body by a small servo motor, thus can reduce back EMF at high speed

v      This allows motor operation in wide speed range

BLDC motor (12KW) with Integrated Control

(For Aerospace applications)

         Power 12KW, Torque 18 N-m

         Mass 20.5Kg, 2.5 Kg coolant inside

         Operative on 130 to 160V DC

         Duration 16 minutes in vacuum

         Designed for Reusable launch vehicle to run hydraulic pump with load fluctuation of 0 to max, at 7 Hz response

         First prototype delivered to Indian Space Research Organisation in Feb. 2008



High Efficiency Washing Machine Solution

Capacity 500W

The BLDC Motor & Control solution is designed to cope up with the increasing demands of Energy Efficient products & aims at reducing solution cost by nearly 20%.


A new patented technology is used to dynamically change motor parameters, thus reducing size & cost. It will be in production by December 2010.


Two separate solutions for small & large sized Washing Machines with scope for End-user customization.

BLDC Motors & Controls

( for Aerospace applications)


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The ADMC-326-SKD-1F Processor is an excellent choice for various Motor Control and Non-Motor applications. Based upon Analog Devices Inc.' ADMC326 Motor Control Processor, SKD-1F launched by SK Dynamics P. Ltd.-Roorkee (India) has Embedded Motor Control Drivers free-of-cost. Having 2 US patents on Motor Control to our credit, SKD provides these drivers to run motors such as PMSM, BLDC, AC Induction, Stepper and Switched Reluctance.

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